Our organization lies in the commitment and strenght of our members. We rely on memberships to help grow and further the cause, goal and mission of the organization. The following businesses have demonstrated a high level of support by joining as Corporate Members. We would like your membership as well. With your help our voice be heard.
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Access National Bank

Ace Electronics Defense Systems, LLC*

Acquisition Experts, LLC*


ADP Small Business Services

Advanced Integrated Technologies*

Advanced Management Strategies Group, Inc.*

Alliance Design and Construction, Inc.*

Alliance Solutions Group*

AllPro Staffnet LLC*

The Ambit Group*

ANA, Inc.*

RAC Anderson, Inc.*

Andromeda AVC Inc.*

Veterans Technical Services, LLC*

Apex Adc Group, Inc.*

AppSolutions, Inc.*

Applied  Development Corp.*

Applied Technical Systems, Inc.*

ARRIBA Corporation*

The Aurelius Group*

Autonomic Logistics Inc.*

AXSolutions Group*


Axis Global Enterprises*

Beach Commercial Finance

Beacon Acquisition

Blanchard’s Contracting LLC*


Mark Bowers Consulting*

Building Commissioning Coalition*

Burwell Group *

CACI Federal Inc.

Capitol Alliance Strategies, LLC*

C 3 Professional Services, LLC*

CB Richard Ellis

CCL Industries Corporation

Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.

Cherry Bekaert LLP

CJ Services, LLC*

CMG Resourc inc*

The Cogar Ince*

Colossal Contracting, LLC*

Command Technologies*

Command Support, Inc.*

Core Services Group*

Corporate Gray*

CPS Professional Services, LLC*

CR Access Consulting*

Crankset Group of Virginia

CTA Builders*

Current River LLC*

Cyber Defense Technologies LLC*

Cydecor, Inc.*

Darkblade 1 Corporation*

Deltek INC

Distinctive Personnel INC*

Duty First LLC*

Dynamic Integration, LLC*

The Barnett Group, Inc.*

EEE Solutions, Inc.*

Edgewater Construction*

End Computing*

Enterprise Management*

Enterprise Performance, Inc.*

Mediation Ass, Inc.*

Federal Strategies, LLC*

Feist Electric, LLC*

Fermion Government Srevices, LLC*

FPS Communications, LLC*

G2 Global Solutions LLC*

Gerretson LLC*

GID Solutions LLC*

Global Shift LLC*

Glory Professional Cleaning Service*

Government Marketing & Procurement LLC*

Greenland Enterprises Inc.*

Halfaker Hamaer and Associates, LLC*

HART Techno, Inc.*

Herbert Recovery Inc.*

Huntington Ingalls Inc


Information Operations Management & Consulting Co., Inc.*

Insignia Technology Services, LLC*

Integrated Systems Solutions*

Intelligence Analysis.*




IronBridge DTC Inc.*

Iron Man Wind*


JHC Technology, Inc.*

Kizano Mano Corp.*

Klett Consulting*

John Marshall

Lawrence Executive Alliance LLC*

Lead Your Way Inc*

Leading Solutions, LLC*

LEA Consultants, LLC*

The Lewin Arnold Group

London & London, Ltd.

Mack-Links LLC*

Marine Specialty Painting*

MicroSystems Automation Group*


MJL Enterprises, LLC*

The Mt. Olivet Group LLC*

Military Personnel Services Corporation

Nelson Enterprise Technology Services*

Network Designs, Inc.*

N-Gen Solutions, LLC

Noah Enterprises, Inc.

Sash and Door*

Northstar Engineering Services, LLC*

STAR System, Inc.*

Oa International Corp.*

OBA Corp*

On 1 Point, LLC*

Oxford Consulting, LLC*

PAL Services, Inc.*

Paratusec LLC*

Pathfinder Consultants LLC*

Patriot Solutions Group LLC*

Perfecta Federal*

Phoenix Ince*

PilieroMazza PLLC

Pleasant Valley Business Solutions

Polu Kai Services, LLC*

Praetor Technologies LLC*

Pro-Concepts LLC*

Professional Solutions*

Pro-Log, Inc.*

Protorae Law, PLLC

QED Enterprises, Inc.*

R3 Government Solutions, LLC*

RB Consulting, Inc.*

R&D Training and Technical Services*

Red Team Consulting

ReavesColey PLLC

Red Hat, Inc.

REK Associates, LLC*

Republic Capital

RHY Inc.*

Rios Security  LLC*

Sagent Partners, LLC

Sarratt Acquisition Management Inc.*

Savage & McPherson Insurance Agency

SAW Contracting, Inc.*

SBG Technology Solutions*

Sebench Engineering, Inc.*

Service Brands LLC*

Seventh Sense Consulting, LLC*

Sienna Systems Corporation*

Signs by Tomorrow ~ Chesapeake*

Sintel Group Inc.*

SJSAC Executives*

National Bank

Alliance Business Group, LLC*

Consulting Alliances, LLC*

Operational Solutions, Inc.*

Systems 1 Engineering, Inc.*

Surge Force 1*

Takota Flats, ABX *

ABS Tall Services*

AAA Technologies, Inc.*

teKnoluxion Consulting LLC*


Technical Systems, Inc.*

Techno Training, Inc.*

Tekla Research*

Tensley Consulting, Inc.*

Thompson Engineering Co.*

Timitron Corporation*

TMG, Inc.*

Towne Bank

TQI Solutions, Inc.*

True Communications, Inc.*

Travel Leaders*

Trilogy Solutions, Inc.*

TSO Armor and Training, Inc.*

Turner Strategic Technologies*

Tusker Company*


Universal Solutions International, Inc.*

Valador, Inc.*

Vandeventer Black LLP

Vectrona, LLC*

Environmental Technology Services*

Veterans Management Inc.*

Veterans First Initiative (VFI) LLC*

Video & Tele, Inc.*


VLinc Corp*

Voxicon Optima, LLC*

Web Business Solutions, Inc.*

Wells Fargo

Analytics LC*

White Owl Inc.*

Whitney Bradley Brown

Whetson Security Group, Inc.*

Williams Mulliga

Engineering Consultants, Inc.*

Xceleonincs, LLC*

Ryan Fox Enterprises LLC*